Kraków, PL

21-23 September


Course overview

This three-day course provides a comprehensive, clinically oriented, multidisciplinary approach to the management of elderly patients with cancer. An international faculty of experts in the field of surgical oncology and geriatrics will address topics from basic science, preoperative geriatric assessment, through surgical therapeutic options to management of common postoperative complications and possibilities of outcome improvement in the elderly patients with cancer. Plenary interactive lectures, workshops, video discussions allow the surgeons and clinicians to explore in depth the complexity of this topic. During the course, particular emphasis will be placed on the practical information needed in everyday treatment of elderly patient with cancer.

Moreover, participants will have the possibility to present and discuss their patients’ reports during the dedicated workshop.

For the interested surgeons the main course will be preceded by hands-on workshop on Transanal Endoscopic Operations in the elderly.

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This course is addressed to surgical oncologists, surgeons of all speciality, surgical residents, medical oncologists, geriatricians and other medical specialities willing to improve their knowledge on the treatment of elderly patients with cancer.

Educational methods

Hands-on workshop on Transanal Endoscopic Operations in the elderly
Multidisciplinary approach
Plenary interactive lectures
Video discussions

Main topics:

Basic geriatric principles
Preoperative frailty screening and Geriatric Assessment
Perioperative management of elderly patients with cancer
MDT case based discussion on treatment options of most common cancers in the elderly
Modifications of surgical technic in the elderly
Laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures in the elderly
Early diagnostic and management of postoperative complications in the elderly with cancer
Re-operations in the elderly

At the end of the course the participant should be able to:

  • define the frailty, sarcopenia, other geriatric syndromes and know the basic changes in the organs associated with aging
  • know perioperative management of elderly patients regarding coagulation, diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease and polypharmacy
  • know how to carry out the preoperative different frailty screening tests and the full Geriatric Assessment
  • be aware of factors influencing the impact of surgery on the elderly patient
  • plan surgical procedures in the elderly with most common cancers
  • know various surgical technics influencing the treatment outcome
  • know most common surgical and medical postoperative complications in the elderly and their possible treatment
  • know modalities that can improve the final outcome